Many readers have e-mailed to ask where I will be on Christmas Day.  I will be at home, and my daughter, son-in-law, and two of my grandkids will be here, as well.  I love to have family here during the holidays.  My son, daughter-in-law, and my other two grandkids are coming on Dec. 30 and will stay for New Year’s.

 I have done way more cooking than writing this week. There are a few special recipes that I make only at Christmas time.  My favorite of all is rolled sugar cookies.  All my old cookie cutters are hanging on the wall and I enjoy taking them down, washing them, and using them. This year I made trees and stars. I’ll do bells for New Year’s.

One year I made a big batch of gingerbread men. I used raisins for the eyes, red cinnamon candies for the mouths, and chocolate chips for the buttons. I left them on the table to cool overnight, and when I got up the next morning, I discovered that my cat had eaten all the raisins! Everything else was intact, but I had a whole tabletop full of blind gingerbread men.

Yesterday my friend, Marilyn, and her daughter, Karrie, came for lunch.  Karrie is my pet-sitter when I travel and it was fun to see how excited and happy Lucy was to see her. 

Another friend, Mark Smithberg, will be here on the 28th. Mark is my “honorary son” who shares my love for player pianos and jigsaw puzzles.

Edgar’s big day is set for the 27th – when his new “mom” and someone from Pasado’s will be coming to finalize his adoption and take him to his permanent home.

Thanks to all of you who sent holiday cards and e-mails. I wish each of you happy reading in the year ahead.