For Teachers

Thank you, teachers, for all that you do to encourage reading. If your students are writing letters to me, please send them all in one large envelope rather than mailing them individually.

You can find discussion questions, project ideas and book talks here.

Included are Abduction!, Danger at the Fair, Don’t Tell Anyone, Escaping the Giant Wave, I’m Not Who You Think I Am, Searching for Candlestick Park, Shelter Dogs, and The Stranger Next Door.


Discussion questions for Danger at the Fair

Discussion questions for Runaway twin

Teacher Guides

Teacher Guide for Abduction! (37K)

Teacher Guide for Escaping the Giant Wave (28K)

Teacher Guide for I’m Not Who You Think I Am (39K)

Teacher Guide for Searching for Candlestick Park (41K)

Teacher Guide for Shelter Dogs (46K)

Teacher Guide for The Stranger Next Door (36K)