Today I baked zucchini cookies, one of my favorites. I love cookies! Besides zucchini, I love snickerdoodles, chocolate chip (milk chocolate, with nuts), peanut butter, rolled sugar cookies, oatmeal (no raisins) and – well, you get the picture. There is something comforting about baking cookies, perhaps because I have happy memories of baking cookies with my children and grandchildren. Anne always wanted to eat the raw cookie dough. Once when she was away at college, I mailed her a small ball of raw cookie dough and she claims it was the most successful dorm package of her college career.

I didn’t see any meteors because it’s been raining for two days. We needed the rain. As I gazed out my office window at the downpour, I realized that part of the drip…drip…drip that I heard was inside the house. Water was leaking through a bathroom skylight and dripping on to the toilet seat. At least it didn’t do any damage there, and my repairman will be out to take care of the problem. If he’s lucky there will still be some cookies left when he arrives.

While I wait for editorial suggestions on my new book (still untitled) I’ve been working this week on an adult novel that I started a few years back. Maybe this time I will finish it. I’ve also done more reading than usual, including some authors who are new to me. My idea of a perfect evening is to settle in my recliner with Lucy on my lap, a hot cup of coffee beside me, and a good book. It doesn’t hurt to have a few cookies within reach, too.

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