Good readers

    I spent yesterday afternoon in Burien WA with some amazing students from the Highline School District. The event was Book Quest, called Battle of the Books in some areas. Twelve teams of four students competed by answering ten questions about ten books. Six teams went on to the final round, where they each answered another ten questions about the same books.

     My book, Abduction!, was one of the ten so I was present to hand out prizes, say a few words about how I came to write Abduction!  and autograph books.

    I had read most of the other books on the list but I would not have made it to the finals if I had been a team member.  These kids were fantastic.  It was clear they had read the books carefully, and understood them fully. I was impressed by their knowledge, their enthusiasm, and their respect for each other.

     It was a privilege for me to participate in Book Quest and the afternoon reinforced why I love to write for kids.