Goodbye, sweet Purrlie

purrlie-rug.JPGI only had her for five months. For two of those, she was a foster cat; I adopted her when her medical problems were so severe that the Humane Society had to remove her from their adoptable list. I tried my best to help her, and thanks in no small part to the dedicated staff at Buckley Veterinary Hospital, she did improve in many ways. But at 1:30 a.m. this morning, I was at an emergency veterinary clinic, making the difficult decision to have her euthanized.

I am comforted by knowing that in Purrlie’s last months she was well loved and cared for, something she had not had for most of her thirteen years. My pet-sitter, Karrie, went with me to learn how to give insulin injections. My vet, Dr. Dennette Wood, made many after-hours calls to help me know the best treatment. Purrlie had much to purr about until the end.

I wish that end could have been several years in the future but, even though my heart is breaking today, I would do it all again.

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