Gus has a new, permanent home. As soon as the road was passable, the potential adopter, Jackie, came to see him and he went home with her that same day. I’ve heard from her twice since then. Gus has made friends with her dog. He naps in front of the wood stove but sleeps at night with Jackie and her husband. He follows them around and gets lots of petting. In other words, Gus found the perfect home for him which makes me very happy.

Caring for foster animals is one of the most satisfying things I do.  It is sometimes stressful as I worry that they won’t ever be adopted, and it gets expensive as I pay for vaccines, worming, flea treatment and spay/neuter surgeries. It’s also time consuming as I play with them, hold them, pet them, and help them learn to be trusting and friendly. But every time one of the cats is adopted into a loving family I feel such joy. It is happiness for the animal, for the people who will now love and care for this special creature, and for myself. I know that it would not have happened if I hadn’t taken them in, and given them a chance.  As with most volunteer work, I get back more than I give.

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