Happy birthday to me

I was spoiled and toasted all last week. My birthday celebration included dinner at the Karp’s (with chocolate birthday cake and the pleasure of holding Simon, their six-week-old grandson,) two lunches with friends, a gift of Small Steps toilet tissue from Jenny & Jerry, many phone calls and e-mails, and a wonderful birthday lunch with Anne, Kevin, and Eric. Thanks to the many readers who sent me greetings.

On Saturday I did a book talk and signing at Garfield Books in Tacoma. This is a wonderful independent book store which serves the community as well as Pacific Lutheran University. Their author events are in a cozy area with a gas fireplace and comfortable chairs – homey and inviting.  Many parents had brought cameras, and an overstuffed love seat was perfect for having my picture taken with individual young fans.

I’ve been reading books about wildlife, particularly black bears and deer, to educate myself about the creatures who share my land. I normally have five or six books checked out of the library at all times. When I read one that I especially like, I buy it so that I can loan it to others, keep it to reread, and support the author who provided me with pleasure and/or information. Last week after reading  The Hidden Life of Deer  by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas I purchased two copies, one for me and one for my neighbor who has named each of the deer who frequent our woods and can tell them apart.

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