How I Wonder

Here is what I am wondering today:

1. Why does Molly, my cat, go under my bed to throw up?

2. How did the two actors in Sleuth, which I saw yesterday at the Village Theatre, EVER memorize all those lines?

3. When forwarding my mail to me, why does Simon & Schuster send it to my address, “in care of Larry Strickland?”  Who? I Googled the name and found, among others, a Southern artist, a comedian, and a deceased NFL player, non of whom reside with me.

4. Why is it that if I answer eight letters, when I mail them I find nine more in my box?

5.  There have been two long editorials in the York PA newspaper regarding the challenge to Stolen Children. The most recent one refers to me as “an old woman.” I wonder if I should point out that, while that may be true now, I was only 72 when I wrote the book.

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