Just too many

When I’m revising a manuscript, I do a word search for just. Experience has taught me that I tend to over-use it and that many times it is not needed. In fact, the sentence is stronger without it.

This time I eliminated just twenty-two times in a manuscript that is 160 pages long. I did not cut every just. I left some of them, twice I replaced it with only, and a few times I completely rewrote the sentence, but there were still twenty-two unnecessary words and my book is better without them. Example: The heading on today’s blog would be better without the first word.

Years ago, I often began a line of dialogue with the word Well. “Well, it was my turn.”  “Well, let’s go see where she is.” I finally broke myself of that bad habit, so I no longer need to do a word search for Well.

I’m meeting Anne and Kevin for lunch today. Tomorrow Bob and Pam arrive for a two-day visit. I love spending time with my kids.

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