Make a movie but keep it clean

I frequently get letters from  young readers asking me to make a movie from one of my books. I respond by explaining that I’m not the one who decides to make a movie. If I were, ALL of my books would be made into movies.

Here’s an example which cracked me up, especially the P.S. 

“Dear Ms. Kehret,

You are my favorite author. I have bragged about your books to all of my friends and to everyone at school. I would like to talk to you about Runaway Twin, Abduction, and Stolen Children. They are my favorites. It would be really cool if you would make these books into movies. They might be a big hit. It might be a good chance to bring in some extra money! You are my favorite author ever. 


P.S. Could you  please make the movies PG? I am only in 4th grade.  Thanks.”

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