Meeting my Readers

Meeting my readers

I scheduled a series of talks this Fall at public libraries and independent book stores. I’ve given six talks so far. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet my readers, tell them about my work, and answer their questions. I’m always impressed by the questions from kids. It’s obvious that they have read, and thought about, my books.

There have been some exciting and fun moments at these events. When I was at Third Place Books, the woman who adopted my first foster cat, Edgar, was there, bringing photos to show me how well Edgar is doing. Donna, the woman I volunteered with at many shopping mall adoptathons, came and it was great to see her again. At some, I’ve met for the first time people with whom I’ve e-mailed, and I have had coffee afterwards with old friends.

Last Saturday I was at the Enumclaw, WA public library. The woman who adopted Gus came and had the audience laughing as she told about his diet. The friend who rescued Rosie when she saw her tossed from a car was there. I was excited to sign a copy of Animals Welcome for Roland and Marie Smith’s grandsons. (Roland is a terrific author.)

The most exciting moment for me was when I met the Milotz family who had driven SIX HOURS from Idaho to meet me. What an honor! That’s Ciera in the photo with me.

Next Sat., Oct. 6, I’ll be at the Buckley WA library at 11:00 a.m. This is my home branch. A glass display case just inside the entrance has changing displays, and this week it contains many of my book awards. I thought it would be fun for readers to see what they look like.

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