Runaway Twin

I received my copies of Runaway Twin. There is a gate across my driveway and, although there’s no lock, Fed Ex and UPS sometimes drop packages over the gate rather than delivering them to my home. Other times, they come to the door. This time the box of books had been put in a plastic bag and left inside the gate, where it sat overnight. I found it at 7 a.m. Saturday when I walked out to get my morning newspaper. 

A box of books is too heavy for me to carry, so I hurried back to the house for a wheeled dolly to roll my treasure home. Sensing my excitement, Lucy barked, picked up a pine cone in her teeth, and raced ahead of me.

Is there anything more satisfying than opening a box containing copies of my new book? No matter how many books I publish, that moment is always a thrill. Running a close second to this feeling is the fun of distributing my copies to the special people in my life. My kids and grandchildren each get one. The person to whom the book is dedicated gets a copy, as does anyone who helped in some way, such as with research or proof-reading.  One copy of Runaway Twin is for the person who was high bidder at an auction to benefit Pasado’s Safe Haven. I had donated the opportunity to have a favorite pet included as a character in a future book. Snickers, the dog in Runaway Twin, is that character.

 Runaway Twin has a terrific cover that will appeal to middle grade readers. I hope my story will, too.

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