Support your local artist

Yesterday I received a chain saw sculpture that I had commissioned.  Mark Herrington is a local chain saw artist whose work I admire. I had asked him if he made custom orders and told him what I wanted: a big bear reading a book to a small bear, and when Mark said he would carve that for me, I could hardly wait.

Since I live in a log home in the woods, this kind of outdoor art work is perfect for my setting.  Both bears are seated on stumps, with the small one looking up eagerly, as if hanging on every word of the story.  The big bear holds a book, titled Spy Cat.

I will enjoy this sculpture every day, and I know my visitors will smile when they see it. I’m pleased that I was able to support a local artist by purchasing his work.  It is not easy to make a living in any artistic field and I try to encourage my fellow creators.  Both bathroom sinks in my home were hand-painted by a local artist.  My front door was carved by hand with a scene of deer and fir trees. A stained glass carrot hangs in one window; the local birds eat from my hand-crafted bird feeder.

Because I appreciate the creativity and work that went in to each of these pieces, I treasure them far more than I would a factory-made door or a Made in China bird feeder.  Yes, my door cost more than if I’d gone to Home Depot and chosen one from the stack. It is also more substantial, far more beautiful, and it gives me pleasure every time I open it. 

I also have several paintings – one of which is the original cover art for Searching For Candlestick Park.