Thank you, Robert B. Parker

Yesterday I read Split Image by Robert B. Parker. I enjoyed the book but I also felt sad as I read because there will be no more novels from this talented writer. Robert B. Parker died recently. I have read all the Spencer books and the Jesse Stone books. I eagerly awaited each new Sunny Randall story. I was delighted when Parker began putting characters from one series into a different series; I felt as if I’d unexpectedly run into an old friend.

Reading a book by Parker is the equivalent of taking a college course in how to write great dialogue. I have long admired his craft, as well as his art. I also like that most (all?) of his books were dedicated to his wife, Joan. Having had a long and loving marriage myself, I appreciate it when I see a similar union.  As if all this weren’t enough to make me a fan, Robert Parker clearly loved dogs. Only a dog lover could write dog scenes the way he did. I never met the man, but I will surely miss his work.

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