Thank You

I often get thank you letters.  Sometimes the letter-writer thanks me for writing a specific story; sometimes it’s a more general “thank you for writing good books.” Children often thank me for volunteering to help animals.

My good friend, Larry Karp, who writes terrific adult mysteries, always e-mails the day after he and his wife have been to my house for dinner, to say thanks for the meal and the conversation. Another friend never fails to send a hand-written note of thanks for her birthday gift, even though I always give it to her, and get thanked, in person.

My grandkids always thank me for attending their sporting events or concerts.  Lucy thanks me by wagging her tail and dispensing doggie kisses. The cats show their gratitude with loud purrs.

Of course I would write stories even if no readers wrote to say thank you. I would host dinners for my friends and remember their birthdays whether they contacted me the next day or not. I enjoy seeing my grandkids perform and I’m always glad when they invite me to watch.  Still, everyone likes to feel appreciated and a simple “thank you” costs nothing.

Many, many readers have brightened my life over the years with their words of thanks.  Now it’s my turn:

Thank you for reading my books. Thank you for telling me when you like them, and for recommending them to your friends. Thank you for caring about the animals, and each other. Thank you for being the best fans ever!