The Eyes Have It

My eye surgery went well and I’m feeling fine. My grandson, Eric, is staying with me for a few days and he’s been an enormous help. The new lens that was put in my eye has improved my distance vision so much that I had to have the corrective lens on that side of my glasses removed. After the second eye surgery, I’ll  get new glasses for computer work and reading. For now, my eyes are not coordinated with each other. The only way I can read the computer monitor is with one eye closed so I won’t be doing any writing for a couple of weeks.

This experience has made me appreciate my eyesight even more than I did before. I also appreciate my friends! Vicki drove me to the surgery and back, and Heidi drove me to my follow-up appointment the next day. Normally, one of my kids would have been able to drive but my surgery happened to fall on the first day of school in the district where my son and his wife both teach, and it was also the day that my daughter and her husband moved my granddaughter, Brett, into her dorm at Whitman College, and attended all of the special events for parents. I had many friends volunteer to drive me.

Exciting news: I received my first hot-off-the-press copy of STOLEN CHILDREN. It is always a thrill to finally hold the published book in my hands. The official release date is October 16.