This ‘n that

A letter I wrote to a reader was returned. “No such address. Can’t forward.”  I had used the self-addressed envelope that the reader had enclosed with her letter to me.

The days grow shorter. Rain, cold, wind. I decided to stock up on essentials so that if we get snow or icy roads I don’t have to drive. My essentials included two cases of cat food. Molly eats sparingly (as sensible older folks should; I could learn from my cat) but Mr. Stray and Woody, the new feral, have big appetites.

I added a new quote, from Robert Ellsberg, to my quote journal: “This is the decision I have to make every morning: I can rise and think about what has been done to me, what I have lost…or I can rise and say to myself, “Here I am. Let’s get moving!”

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