Cats and books

Edgar has been here a week and he is doing great. He no longer bolts into his hiding place when I enter his room. He purrs and rolls around on the floor and has started “talking” to me. He has quite a lot to say.

No doubt Edgar will show up in a book some day, as I seem to use all of my animals in my work eventually. 

 I’ve been trying to start a new book and the process is always difficult for me.  I have two chapters of two different books written, but I’m stuck on both of them. Today I had a completely new idea, which I’m going to develop next.  I often do this – play around with several ideas, writing a little on one and then a little on another until one seems to “catch fire” and I know it’s the one I want to finish.

I’m reading the collected letters of Ogden Nash to his family. They are an inspiration to me.  I’ve always liked Nash’s work but never knew much about his personal life. I love reading about other writers.

Isn’t it wonderful that I can be inspired by a writer who died decades ago?  He is gone, but his words live on.

When I was asked to write an autobiography, I hesitated at first wondering why anyone would be interested in my life. However, ever since I published Five Pages a Day: A Writer’s Journey, I’ve had many letters each week from writers and going-to-be-writers of all ages who tell me it helped them.  I dare to hope that long after I am gone, my books might continue to encourage young people to read, and to write.