Foster care for cats

My newest volunteer venture is to be a foster parent for cats.  I have a large room that used to be my husband’s workshop which is perfect for fostering animals. 

My first foster cat is Edgar, a beautiful black five-year-old cat who is very fearful.  He was rescued from a hard life by Pasado’s Safe Haven. My job is to help him relax, trust, and learn to love while Pasado’s tries to find him a permanent home.

Edgar has chosen to hide under a workbench, so I am spending a lot of time lying on the floor with my hands stretched under the workbench to pet him.  He loves the petting and has a deep, rumbling purr. He even rolls on his back for a tummy rub, the way dogs do.  I hope before long he will feel comfortable enough with me to emerge from his hiding place.

 I spent an hour yesterday vacuuming that room and Edgar found the only place I didn’t clean.  I have to keep rubbing cobwebs and bits of dirt out of his fur. I don’t want to vacuum now because the noise would scare him.

I got to choose this cat’s name.  He is named for Edgar Allen Poe, the mystery writer, and for Edgar Martinez, the baseball player.