Christmas Cat

I decorated my Christmas tree today, and put out my Santa collection and other special decorations. As she has every year for sixteen years, Molly “helped.” All cats are curious and want to snoop in boxes, but Molly has always been way more interested in the decorating process than any other pet I’ve ever had. The minute a decoration is put on top of my nickelodeon, she is up there to check it out. She sniffs every branch of the tree that she can reach, and then re-sniffs them after the lights and ornaments are put on. She examines the inside of each container that the decorations were stored in. I barely get a box of ornaments unpacked before Molly is inside the box, smelling of the edges.

Molly’s old now, and frail, and has a chronic kidney problem. She sleeps most of the time and has her meals delivered via “kitty room service” because she eats more that way than if she has to get up and seek out her bowl. But today was different. Today was Christmas decoration day, and it certainly gave old Molly a boost of energy. Maybe instead of advising prescription cat food, the vets should suggest that their clients put up a Christmas tree!

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