Donating Books

I received another request today to donate books to a school library that lacks the money to buy them. This one was in Kansas, but I get several such pleas each month from across the country. While I’m certainly sympathetic, I can not honor these requests. I get my books at a discount, but I still have to buy them. When I add in the cost of mailing envelopes and postage, it is not a prudent way to help. I donate many books to local schools, libraries, Toys for Tots, charity auctions, and Page Ahead, but I can’t supply books to everyone who asks. I don’t even wish I could – I wish our school libraries were funded properly so the librarians and teachers didn’t have to ask.

Western Washington, where I live, is saying goodbye today to the four Lakewood police officers who were murdered. Wherever you live, the next time you see an officer in uniform please thank him or her for serving your community.

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