Good news, bad news

Good news: Yesterday I learned that The Ghost’s Grave has won the 2009 Sunshine State Award. This is the Florida young reader award, my third time to win that honor. Hooray!

Bad news: On my way to a charity dinner/auction on Sunday, I took a detour and saw, for the first time, Holstein calves in veal crates. I was sickened by the sight. I quit eating veal more than thirty years ago when I first learned of the cruelty involved in producing this meat. On line the next day I learned that the federal laws on this matter are changing, but slowly. Several states have made the confinement crates illegal.  Meanwhile I am haunted by the faces of these beautiful animals who were unable to stand or turn around.

More good news: I have some new bookplates that I love. If you have one of my books and would like to have a signed bookplate to put in it, send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I’ll mail one to you. Send it to: Bookplate, P.O. Box 303, Wilkeson WA 98396.

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