Last Friday I was in Portland, Oregon, at a conference of the Washington Library Media Association, to receive the Sasquatch Award for The Ghost’s Grave.  What a wonderful afternoon!  I spent two hours signing books, chatting with librarians, and posing for pictures. The best part was being told how much their students like my books.

Next came the award presentation followed by more great conversation with enthusiastic librarians. What a fine partnership we have!  I write the books to the best of my ability, and they put those books in the hands of the kids who read them. 

I met more great librarians last night at a special event at Children’s Bookshop in Puyallup, WA. I also had a chance to visit with other local authors, which is always a pleasure.

One highlight was a high school senior who arrived carrying a well worn copy of Terror at the Zoo. “This was my favorite book in fourth grade,” she told me, “and when I saw in the newspaper that you were going to be here, I decided to come and have you sign it.”

Tomorrow is the official publication day for Stolen Children. My hope is that it, too, will become some young reader’s favorite book.