Time to Vote

I completed my absentee ballot yesterday, and put it in the mail. I began voting absentee when I was doing so much RV travel to talk at schools and libraries, and I much prefer voting that way because I can take my time and research any minor issues that I didn’t know would be on the ballot.

Like most people, I’m tired of the political ads and ready for the whole thing to be over but I’m also encouraged by the excitement that this election has generated. When I was a child, my parents impressed on me that it was the duty and privilege of every citizen to vote in every election.  They took me with them to the polling place at our local school just as I took my children with me when they were small.  Since I became old enough to cast a ballot, I have voted in every election, even those where the only issues were minor local ones, and I still feel a sense of electricity in the air on election day.