There were two peacocks in my yard yesterday morning. If you have read The Ghost’s Grave, you will know why I began laughing when I saw them.  They belong to my neighbors, and I often hear their raucous cries, but I had never seen them on my property before. They wandered to the bottom of my porch steps, then looked up at the house before they ambled back home.  I had already written The Ghost’s Grave when my neighbors got their peacocks and, as far as I know, these birds are not anyone’s reincarnated relatives.

A fawn was born here yesterday. I saw the pregnant doe grazing, mid-morning. Then she settled down in the tall grass, where the deer often sleep. I was writing and have a view of that area from my office window. I looked out every so often, and she was still there.

After about an hour, she got up and walked toward my window, with a brand new fawn!  When they were out of the tall grass and on the area that I mow, she stopped to clean him. She licked every inch of that fawn, while he (she?) stood on wobbly legs and looked around at his first view of the world.

The fawn is tiny – I’d estimate two feet from nose to tail, and about two feet high. When I got my camera and tried to take a photo through the window, Mama deer heard the shutter click and led her baby off into the woods. The fawn is adorable!