I found a snake skin yesterday. It is from a garter snake, about sixteen inches long, and it is intact, including the head. I had never seen a snake skin outside of a museum, so I am excited to have this treasure. I didn’t bring it in the house because I was afraid it would be the victim of a cat attack; I have it on a shelf in the garage.

Of course, this discovery sent me on line to learn all about how snakes shed their skins. It is a fascinating process. When I look at all the wrinkles I’ve accumulated with age, I think the snakes may have the right idea.

Three deer curled up in the long grass behind my house this afternoon and took a nap. They slept there for over two hours.

The lilac bush outside my office window is in full bloom. It attracts the hummingbirds, and I love having a close-up view of these tiny birds as they feed.  And, yes, Yo-Yo Bird is still flying up and down by my front porch.  Life on a wildlife sanctuary, even a small one like mine, is never dull.

More good news for The Ghost’s Grave.  It has just won the Nevada Young Reader’s Award. I am the first author ever to win this award three times. What an honor! Thank you to the children of Nevada.