Please Do My Homework For Me

Please Do My Homework For Me

I sometimes get emails from kids who say they want to ask me a few questions, but it quickly becomes clear that they are trying to write a book report on a book they haven’t read.  Sample questions: Who is the protagonist? What is the main problem in this book? How many pages does it have?

This week I had a different kind of “I’ll get Peg to do my homework for me” letter. Here it is:

I’m doing a report on tornadoes and I know you wrote about them in Runaway Twin, so if you could answer these it would be greatly appreciated. What is a tornado? How do you protect your house from a tornado? Which area of the U.S. gets the most tornadoes? How long do tornadoes last? How deadly are they? What is the average temperature of the center? How do you track tornadoes?  Thank you!

My reply: If you do an Internet search for tornadoes, you should be able to find the answers to your questions.



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